IP/Legacy Telecomms
IP/Legacy Telecomms

IP/Legacy Telecomms ?

IP/Legacy PBX

OpenPath Communications provides support in the United Kingdom and Ireland (VEI.ie) for the entire range of Siemens DX, Hicom®, HiPath® 3000/MX/LX/HX/Express, HiPath® 4000, ProCentre, and Xpressions® products, in fact all of the Voice and data portfolio including Enterasys. If your organisation has invested heavily in any legacy Siemens platform ( particularly DX ) and is looking for ways to migrate at your own pace and with limited budget, then we will be glad to be of assistance to you. Our trained and accredited team of Engineers, solution architects and sales professionals will help you in this transformation from legacy to IP and demonstrate how Unified Communications can reduce costs and increase revenue.

Intelligent Migration

Maximize your current PBX Investment

With the promise of significant ROI, many UC providers push organisations to do a forklift upgrade of their entire legacy infrastructure without evaluating if this is the best solution. What's missing is a roadmap to help intelligently guide organisations through the marketing hype and provide a strategy for deploying the right technology, at the right time, for the right business reasons.

Maximizing your investment in legacy PBX/IP-PBX systems while incrementally deploying UC throughout your organisation is a process we refer to as Intelligent Migration. We believe companies should view UC as a way of quickly adding value for certain user groups within the organisation, not as a requirement for wholesale replacement of their legacy PBX infrastructure. As the UC deployment proves itself, planners will be better able to determine the optimal pace and scale of displacement

A complete business communications solution

Whatever the size and requirements of your organisation, an OpenPath UC solution can help reshape the way you do business by providing one simple communications package to meet all of your telephony needs. Not only can we supply and install a new phone system to meet your communication requirements, we can also provide ongoing maintenance and management, all on a single bill…and our finance options can help to keep your working capital free. We've partnered with some of the world's leading communication equipment suppliers to give you a wide choice of solutions. We can deliver small, single site phone systems or fully integrated Enterprise application rich IP PBXs.

OpenPath's range of the latest application-rich IP PBXs and handsets ensure there's one to suit your organisation. Free full years warranty. Extensive training / knowledge transfer

Expert advice, design and installation:

Personal and tailored support from your OpenPath Enterprise Partner.

Improve business operations with OpenPath Business Systems:

Help maximise efficiency with improved business communications Ensure business continuity – through agreed response and restoration times, you can help minimise the risk of loss in productivity OpenPath's solutions are designed to help customers grow and become more flexible

Experience the OpenPath difference

Whether it is an upgrade of current traditional voice technology, a self-paced migration to IP telephony or implementation of an IP telephony solution for a new site, OpenPath Comms will work with you to identify your specific needs and tailor the right solution for your organisation.

Unified Comms
Unified Comms

Unified Comms ?

Presence driven Unified Communications for Small and Medium Enterprises

The way companies and people communicate has changed significantly. Basic telephony is merely the tip of the iceberg, and today's worker spends a great deal of time juggling between emails, messages, voice mails and phone calls. What's amazing is that all of this communications technology can actually be slowing employees down, leaving customers waiting for answers, or costing a fortune to maintain multiple solutions working in parallel. OpenPath Communications has been at the forefront of bringing all of these technologies together with software-based Unified Communications (UC) solution built specifically for small and medium businesses. Customers using IP, TDM, or analog technology can bring all of their communications together with the familiar programs and applications that they use everyday. They can combine phone calls, voicemail boxes, conferencing, fax, and messaging into a single, unified solution that allows employees to communicate and collaborate more easily and efficiently than ever before. As a result, companies can increase customer and employee satisfaction and improve revenue opportunities - all at a reduced operational cost!

OpenPath's voice and data specialists will assist companies to identify areas where costs can be reduced and where revenue can be increased by: Openpath will highlight :

  • High Voice and Networking TCO
  • Escalating Conference Expenses
  • High Operating Expenses
  • Business Process Inefficiency
  • Lack of Business Continuity
  • Becoming a Greener Enterprise

Web Collaboration
Web Collaboration

Web Collaboration ?

The better way to meet.

Bringing people together can be expensive. From business travel to managing office space, team coordination requires a deep investment – not just in cost, but in time.

Enter the power of Web collaboration.

Connect more. Connect faster.

Give your teams the freedom to easily and seamlessly share presentations, documents, videos, and other media – directly from their desktops, smartphones, and tablets – all on the most secure platform available. Our comprehensive Web collaboration solutions let you connect more people faster and more efficiently, saving you time and money. Whatever your priority – internal projects with international stakeholders, or communicating with customers and partners – Web collaboration fosters a creative environment for your virtual teams and mobile workers. And that means faster problem-solving, faster decision-making – and a faster path to a competitive advantage.

It's affordable. Meet online to minimize expensive third-party conferencing services and avoid costly business travel. It's easy. Install quickly on an industry-standard server, and take just seconds for your moderators to download the software to initiate a session. It's modular. Purchase as a freestanding Web conferencing solution, or as an integrated component alongside other OpenScape applications – in your premises or from the cloud. It's a competitive advantage. Encouraging collaboration and sharing ideas doesn't simply increase productivity – it improves how you communicate with your customers, your employees, your partners, and your suppliers. It's secure. Many systems simply can't be trusted to collaborate on sensitive subject matter. You can rest easy knowing OpenScape Web Collaboration uses Secure Connect Service, which provides an extremely robust level of encryption.

Cloud Contact Centre
Cloud Contact Centre

Cloud Contact Centre ?

Our approach is different

OpenPaths Cloud Contact Centre does not focus on technology alone but on how we help businesses create excellent customer service through innovative communication. Technology is as an enabler to the customer experience - the magic happens through the Interaction of people and process with smart, agile, fast technology solutions. The difference is the True Cloud architecture and OpenPath Communications approach. We work closely with every client through all stages of implementation. We don't simply sell you software and walk away. We don't ask you to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in professional services fees. Our happy clients are testament to our ability contact us now to arrange to speak to a reference client.

Our product is different

True Cloud technology is changing the way contact centres buy and use technology; and it is changing the model of B2B and B2C customer communication. Very simply True Cloud makes customer communication Agile, Smart and Fast. Customers benefit from unheard of control and scalability.

Our innovation is different

OpenPath's latest products focus on new mobile services and applications which can help the contact centre operate more cost effectively and drive higher end customer and agent satisfaction. Real time reporting on IPhone, iPad, Android tablets and smartphones already help many OpenPath customers to manage their contact centre operations wherever they are. OpenPaths exciting new mobile product launches in late May- watch this space for a solution which is a technology first in the UK and Europe.

True Cloud Contact Centre Software - The future

We also offer elements of the single OpenPath Contact Centre solution as individual products.

All the features of traditional call centre solutions, without the hidden cost and complexity.

True Cloud makes customer communication Agile, Smart and Fast - benefits which cannot be delivered by traditional on-premise or hosted solutions, without significant expense. Unlike traditional solutions:

  • You get everything needed to run a multi-channel contact centre as a single solution.
  • There are no additional costs for modules like IVR, Voice Recording, Real Time Reporting or CRM Integration or support, maintenance and upgrades
  • Intelligent, easy to use systems put business users back in control of technology
  • Our installation is fast - your IPscape Contact Centre can be live within days not months…and then adapted in real time
  • Scalability, flexibility and instant system updates come as standard

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High Density Wireless
High Density Wireless

High Density Wireless ?

Wi-Fi networks are seeing increased utilization and load across organizations in most industries. High-density wireless networks are typically considered to be environments where the number of client devices and required application throughput exceed the available capacity of a traditional "coverage-oriented" Wi-Fi network design. In these situations, even a well-designed wireless network that provides coverage at good signal strength and SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) throughout the desired coverage area is insufficient to ensure high performance due to inadequate capacity. The limiting factor is available airtime. Since Wi-Fi relies on a shared and unbounded medium (that is, the air), clients and access points must contend for available airtime to transmit data. The Wi-Fi link between a client and access point is shared among all clients within range of one another on a particular frequency. Therefore, signal strength as an indication of link quality is not analogous to a wired link connection indicator.

Instead, aggregate capacity demands must be determined across the entire client population and the network must be designed to distribute the load effectively across the available spectrum. Spectral capacity, channel utilization, interference, frequency reuse, and regulatory requirements become the critical design variables in addition to coverage and signal strength. This requires a detailed analysis of client capabilities, application requirements, facility characteristics, and the appropriate use of sufficient access points. The goal is to segment clients into the smallest possible collision domains (different radio frequencies) while maximizing the use of available spectral capacity. This whitepaper outlines a set of simple principles that you can use as a basic guide when designing your high-density network. This list of principles is not meant to be comprehensive but rather a quick overview of the most important items to take into account.

Wi-Fi Coverage Does Not Guarantee Adequate Capacity

Historically, many Wi-Fi networks have been designed to provide basic coverage throughout a desired service area. While a "coverage-oriented" design can meet basic Wi-Fi network access needs, supporting only a few users and light workload, a different approach is required to support a growing Wi-Fi client population and use as the primary network access method. Modern Wi-Fi networks should be designed to accommodate the current and anticipated capacity and performance levels within the organization rather than focusing on providing basic coverage. Significant capability differences exist between Wi-Fi networks designed for coverage versus those designed for capacity. The nuances between these two different approaches are often not well understood by organizational decision-makers. The use of wireless signal bars as a representation of network viability and a satisfactory user experience has proven to be a poor indicator of network success.A coverage-oriented design often does not factor in other critical variables required to meet performance and capacity needs, such as the following:

  • Minimization of co-channel interference
  • Maximization spectral capacity by co-locating radios on different channels
  • Client band steering to optimize use of available spectral capacity
  • Client load balancing between access points based on available airtime and load, application bandwidth and latency requirements
  • End-to-end quality-of-service design

Attempting to augment a coverage-oriented Wi-Fi network to increase capacity and support dense user populations is an appealing approach for organizations looking to minimize workload and expense. However, such an approach should be met with caution, as existing constraints of the coverage-oriented network implementation can limit proper high-capacity Wi-Fi network design and ultimately fail to adequately meet performance needs. Many organizations are quickly realizing that existing WLAN deployments, which were designed for basic coverage requirements in common areas, are not adequate to meet these growing demands, and that simply adding more access points is ineffective without proper network planning and RF design.


Wireless networking offers many benefits over wired connections at the network edge, including increased user mobility, always-on access to information and resources, and improved productivity. Consumer adoption and understanding of wireless technologies has proven rapid and substantial and has translated into increased adoption within the workplace and in public venues. The coalescence of several Wi-Fi networking trends is making deployment of high-density networks increasingly common.Design your high-density WLAN with sufficient focus on network planning and design and ensure the network equipment that is purchased and deployed is capable of delivering both high performance and intelligent features to optimize the use of limited spectrum. Only through proper requirements gathering, network design, configuration, and continual optimization can a Wi-Fi network be deployed that meets the demands of a dense client population.

Maintenance & Support
Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support ?

OpenPath Communications provides support in the United Kingdom and Ireland (VEI.ie) for the entire range of Siemens DX, Hicom®, HiPath® 3000/MX/LX/HX/Express, HiPath® 4000, ProCentre, and Xpressions® products, in fact all of the Voice and data portfolio including Enterasys. Whether your organisation is looking for full-service maintenance, proactive monitoring or on demand repair and technical support we have a wide range of managed services designed to meet your needs and protect and enhance your Siemens PBX investment. As a competitive third-party maintenance provider we are able to provide a more pro-active service at a 20% – 30% savings over Siemens OEM support with no "end-of-life" and ready access to replacement parts. Our customers will testify to this statement

OpenPath Communications maintenance and support programs ensures that your organisation will get the maximum out of your products and services until the point of upgrade. This is accomplished through a network of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals ready to work with your organisation and solve any issue. OpenPath Communications will develop a custom maintenance and support plan that fits the needs of your work environment, technology and budget and protect your IT investments.

Customers have access to their own online portal for logging calls (non P1) and for receiving updates on faults logged and closed, this is a standard service across all of our SLA's and custom support packages. In addition, customers can choose NMSalert to underpin any of our Managed Service or Support packages depending on their specific requirement. The platform raises alerts for the OpenPath Operations Centre (OOC) team to address a broad range of events and issues: The system actively polls devices on the client network and alerts in real time when an application, router, switch, server etc, is down

Help Desks and SLA's (customisable 24/7 support)

If any problems or questions arise regarding your products or services, OpenPath is standing by to provide telephone help desk support. If the issue is not able to be resolved over the phone, we will dispatch a technician for on-site, hands-on support. OpenPath stand by their SLA's for mission critical systems, sometimes 4hr to site for an engineer is not quick enough!!! You tell us your requirements we will build a support contract for you.

Complete Service plan provides complete coverage for your PBX systems, Data or WLAN. Offering 24x7x365 remote and on-site support, proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance, replacement parts and a suite of other services your systems will be kept up and running for years to come.

The Expert Assist plan is designed for organisations that have their own on-site technical staff or field resources but need remote tier-3 support and proactive monitoring. With Expert Assist you have access to OpenPath's highly trained remote NOC staff to help you proactively address and resolve issues

Self Service is for those organisations that have their own technical staff and want minimal assistance with remote tier-3 support. This plan includes proactive monitoring and access to the OpenPath's portal for streamlined management of your telecom infrastructure.

All of OpenPath's services may be purchased on a time and material basis. Whether you are looking for break-fix repair, MAC support, replacement parts, remote support or a range of other managed services we are able to help. Give us a call today to learn more about our entire menu of service options.

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Network Management System
Network Management System

Network Management System ?

  • 24x7x365 remote monitoring is a proven way for organisations to minimise downtime by addressing potential issues before they arise.
  • By automating alerts for a range of predefined events, human resource can be deployed as efficiently as possible while maintaining outstanding levels of performance.
The results speak for themselves: over the last twelve months, more than 85% of tickets raised in the OpenPath Operations Centre were raised by our monitoring platform, allowing our team to resolve issues for customers before users experience any drop in service. The OpenPath monitoring platform, NMSalert, provides immediate alerts whenever an issue arises. The model requires a distributed deployment made up of a central Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) for management and a Alert Proxy server deployed at the client site. Customers can choose NMSalert to underpin any of our Managed Service or Support packages depending on requirement. The platform raises alerts for the OpenPath Operations Centre (OOC) team to address a broad range of events and issues: The system actively polls devices on the client network and alerts in real time when a router or switch is down
  • Passive monitors receive SNMP traps and log messages from the network devices alerting on issues as they occur
  • Threshold monitors alert when critical interfaces (inter-switch links) reach bandwidth, error or latency thresholds
  • A network performance monitor tracks the health of the network infrastructure. CPU and critical interface bandwidth monitoring enable proactive troubleshooting and planning
  • Our VoIP monitor accesses information generated by network devices to monitor parameters essential to VoIP performance. Jitter, latency and packet loss from both source and destination are used to provide the Mean Opinion Score (MOS), a measure of voice quality.
  • In addition to the standard NMSalert service, OpenPath offers further enhanced network services:
  • Software scan: An approved tool is used to perform checks for IOS bugs, security threats and defects. Results from the scan are used to advise customers on all software update recommendations.
  • Configuration Backups: Provides peace of mind that all network device configurations are securely backed up and ready for deployment

Enterprise Voice Recording
Enterprise Voice Recording

Enterprise Voice Recording ?

Voice and Data Recording

OpenPath Communications provides innovative solutions to record, analyse and evaluate multimedia-based communications. OpenPath Communications systems analyse agent performance, reveal customer trends and integrate with existing infrastructure, thus enabling companies and organisations to considerably improve their value.

  • 1. Contact centres enhance customer service, deploy staff more efficiently and increase productivity.
  • 2. Financial institutions fulfill documentation requirements, achieve a higher level of legal security and reduce costs.
  • 3. First responders and public safety organizations enhance reactivity in emergency situations.
  • 4. Air traffic control centers ensure accurate analysis of all incidents.

OpenPath Communications offers solutions for the fast growing market of business process optimisation, encompassing the technologies of recording, quality monitoring, speech analytics and workforce management. The open architecture provides seamless integration with existing IT and telephony networks. This allows investment protection while implementation costs can be reduced to a minimum.

To learn more about our Recording solutions or performance monitoring capabilities, Email: info@openpaths.co.uk

Download Brochures:

Network Management System
Network Management System

Enterasys Networks – GOLD PARTNER ?

Enterasys Networks is a premier global provider of wired and wireless network infrastructure and security solutions. Our solutions enable organizations to drive down IT costs while improving business productivity and efficiency through a unique combination of automation, visibility and control capabilities. Enterasys provides a broad range of enterprise networking and security solutions by technology and industry.

Here at OpenPath, we are delighted to have such a close partnership with one of the most experienced Wired/Wireless manufacturers. Support and after sales service is key for the growth of Openpath Comms, and as the Enterasys global strapline says, although it is cheesy ' There is nothing more important than our customers'

OneFabric™ creates one network experience for all.

That's happy networking.

With OneFabric, networking for data center mobility will never be the same again. Because now you can automatically provision the network from core to edge. Manage it from a single pane of glass. Secure it, no matter what device people bring with them. And create a confident, stable, secure network.